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The crazy ghost of Luçon’s barber

Luçon, ()

In Luçon exists a number of ghosts, just like everywhere else … Do you have any doubts? 

Can you help one of the oldest ghosts of the town? He is the ghost of a barber, formerly, a very common profession in towns, particularly in Luçon. He is looking for a customer, from a few centuries ago, who left without paying, after a moustache shave. According to his memories, he was a really influential man, and he shaved many of them!  

Be careful, the task will be hard, especially as the ghost is sometimes quite mad and loses his mind...We are counting on you to help him remember and give him the well deserved rest he needs !

you will wander in the streets of Luçon, with Barbabier the Ghost. I hope you will not be too scared. Have a look around yourself and be careful of the the cars when you cross the streets. Take your rollerblades, skateboard, scooter, sneakers, cap… and go to the “Place Leclerc” car park, in front of the Cathedral. 

Do not lose your bearings with our ghost, if he can cross the walls, you however will have to use the doors!

Well, shall we start?

It was created by the Sud Vendée Littoral Tourist Office and will allow you to discover the unmissables places in Luçon. 

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Latitude : 46.4542 Longitude : -1.1676

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