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The fabulous potion of Montpezat

Montpezat-de-Quercy, ()

Welcome to Montpezat-de-Quercy!

The Pays Midi Quercy and the Quercy Caussadais Tourist Office invite you to go on a treasure hunt. It will allow you to discover the village of Montpezat-de-Quercy and its history. Go on an adventure with these two visitors from the future, Jonas and Lyra, whom you may have already met in another connected quest. They were asked to bring the knowledge of the past back to their time.

When they arrive in Montpezat, Jonas drinks a magic potion by mistake which makes him say odd things. Our two travellers from the future are very upset. Help them find the ingredients and tools needed to brew a fabulous healing potion! They need you to continue their journey.

Ready to get started?

Meet in front of the Tourist Information Office. The quest is around 1.5 kilometers long and takes about one and a half hours to complete. Do it at your own pace and don’t forget to keep an eye out for clues! For a maximum gaming experience, remember to charge your mobile phone fully. And stay vigilant all the time, respect the highway code and only cross at pedestrian crossings.

The Pays Midi Quercy and the Quercy Caussadais Tourist Office team wish you good luck!

Treasure hunt for adults and children over 12 years old.

Point de départ


Latitude : 44.2386 Longitude : 1.476

Rendez-vous à ce point de départ pour débuter le jeu de piste. N'oubliez pas de télécharger l'application Baludik

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