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Our first steps...

It all began in 2015, when we had the idea to create a portal application bringing together three worlds: walking, gaming, and digital technology. As its name suggests, Baludik is the meeting point between walking and playfulness within a digital solution.

Eager to make heritage valorization and innovation accessible to all, we wanted to highlight a unique concept: a digital space allowing all users to create their own treasure hunts. To achieve this, we designed an intuitive digital application, with the desire to make technology accessible to all and for all.

To grow with you...

As a creative agency, with a presence throughout France and internationally, we are convinced that gaming is an inexhaustible source of emotion and engagement. That’s why, hand in hand with you, we compose digital tours tailored to your needs and those of your audience.

The complementarity of the members of our team, as well as the diversity of the actors around us, allow us to stimulate all forms of creativity every day.

Today, we are proud to have shared our stories more than 400,000 times

By creating our path...

Today, we are proud to have shared our stories more than 400,000 times, materialized by the existence of numerous tours, all available for free on our application. Because all territories have assets and specificities, we are happy to be able to valorize them without having to alter them. Baludik’s strength also lies in its universality: we offer digital walks aimed at all audiences, with diverse themes and innovative technologies. Learning more about a species, discovering the history of a monument, or pushing open the door of an artisan are all enriching experiences that can be accomplished with our solution.

And commit sustainably...

Over time, Baludik continues to uphold these values and affirm its social responsibility through several commitments. First and foremost, we are committed to always promoting access to and education about culture and heritage for all. Thanks to a fun and playful approach, connections can be easily created and cohesion encouraged. Our social policy lies in the strength of exchanges and the creation of authentic human relationships. We aim to valorize local territories and actors by designing digital treasure hunts that exploit elements already present in our environment. Finally, it is the entire Baludik agency that carries a mission: to innovate in the service of a responsible digital experience by adopting an eco-design approach.

For tomorrow.

Because we firmly believe in this approach, we want to continue to explore new themes and new territories, and in particular open up the Baludik concept to other countries and cultures. In order to continually adapt to uses, we constantly monitor developments in the sector and technologies, with the aim of offering an ever more innovative experience that is in line with your expectations.

Finally, in an approach of inclusiveness, we will continue to optimize and diversify our routes for an experience accessible to the widest audience.

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