Plan-d'Aups-Sainte-Baume, Var (83)

Sacred hike in Sainte Baume

Hello there. It's Nine!

A few weeks ago, I explored the Basilica in Saint-Maximin, and met Mary Magdalene there. I would love to explore Sainte Baume and the rest of her story.
I heard she spent a lot of time there. Come with me! It's in the middle of the forest, an ideal place to unwind! Let's go!

Practical information:

  • the trail starts at the Tourist Office in Plan d'Aups Sainte Baume
  • the trail lasts for about 2 hours (including the hike)
  • the total distance is 4 kilometres
  • remember to bring your own equipment: trainers, water bottle and a small snack!
  • if you are blocked, click on the small red padlock at the bottom right of the screen
  • remember to charge your phone before setting off on your adventure!
  • follow the red and white markings, you are on a hiking route

Part of the trail takes place in the cave which is a place of worship. Please dress appropriately and respect the silence of the place.

The trail is not accessible during religious services.

During the summer months, access to the Sainte Baume Massif may be restricted, so check with the Tourist Office before going to the forest.

Point de départ
Latitude : 43.3358
Longitude : 5.7575

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